The ADMIRALTY Chart Agent will provide you with an AVCS License Pack containing the following:

A ‘Schedule A’ this is a PDF document listing the Folios and ENC units that the user is licensed to use and which Base DVDs must be used to install the user’s licensed ENCs.

A set of ENC Permit files (PERMIT.TXT and ENC.PMT) named MASTER, BACKUP, RESERVE1, RESERVE2 and RESERVE3 depending on the number of ECDIS configured on the bridge.

A Certificate, which certifies that all charts supplied in AVCS are ENCs that conform to the requirements of SOLAS Chapter V.

There are two types you should apply to your ECDIS every week:

  • Latest AVCS Update Set: It includes two AVCS Update DVDs No. 1, 2 and AIO Update CD
    • AVCS Update Disc No.1 and 2 are for “Notices to Mariners” update to ENCs. They also contained latest base Cell.
    • AIO Update is for “T&P update” to ENCs
  • E-Navigator AVCS Weekly Update: Update information in AVCS Permit. After you receive it, just import to ECDIS.

Before loading AVCS ENCs, the ENCs Permit must be loaded into the ECDIS accordingly. After that, based on the installed Permit, ECDIS will manage the installation of the ENCs base cells.

Basically, the AVCS Permit doesn’t contain any ENCs data. It is just the key to open appropriate data from AVCS disc to be installed on ECDIS.

Sometimes, there is a conflict between software on ECDIS. So the easiest way to fix is follow the ECDIS instruction: delete all ENC data, AVCS Permit. Then imported the newest AVCS Permit and reinstall the ENC data from latest AVCS Update Set again.

You just need to insert the latest set of AVCS Update into ECDIS. It contains the latest information.

You do the same thing to E-Navigator AVCS Weekly Update, just load the latest Permit to ECDIS.

Please follow the “Installation Disc Summary” in ‘Schedule A’.

You can find in Notices to Mariners, Chapter VIII or in the README.TXT file located within the ENC_Root folder on the latest AVCS Update set.

You will receive the most effective support if you address your initial query to the correct organization:

Problem Contact
Hardware problems: difficulties with the keyboard, mouse, display or main system console, failure of a floppy disk, CD or DVD drive.

Software problems: difficulties with configuring or using the ECDIS system software, interfacing problems.



ECDIS Manufaturer

Chart installation problems: problems with installing certificates, permits and AVCS ENCs, standard error codes displayed.

Chart content problems:display anomalies or mismatched data displays.




Problems that have not been resolved by your ADMIRALTYChart Agent.


UKHO Customer Services